RI Business Forum

Why'd You Start Your Business?

July 16, 2022

Most entrepreneurs know in their bones the reason behind what they do. They probably also deeply feel that what they’re doing is meaningful. Every client we have knows “why” they began their business.

Pablo Picasso said the work of our life is to find our purpose – the thing we know in our hearts we do better than most – and share it. Many people take their purpose and become an entrepreneur, developing a small business.

Small business defined by the US SBA, depending on your industry, is a business with a maximum of 250 employees, or even 1,500 employees. It could also be defined by a maximum of $750,000 to $38.5 million in average annual receipts. Doesn’t seem so “small,” right?

It almost immediately makes one think about how BIG their small business can grow! Are you ready?

"Like every person, every business has a story. They need to be told and shared!"

Besides having the stomach for rollercoasters, entrepreneurs have an onslaught of options when it comes to marketing, communicating, and selling their company’s goods or services. In the Shop Local RI Business Assessment classes we review ten specific topics directly related to your businesses growth. Let's take a look at three must-dos for your biz.

  • Vision: It’s important to understand the answers to how and why a company began. It’s such an honor to hear this story; and the back stories that live in every small business is always remarkable. This idea of purpose comes front and center when discussing how a business began and why it launched in the first place. Sometimes our purpose guides us directly to where we are.
  • Website: It’s literally the front door of your business. Besides a purchase on social media or here on Shop Local RI, that website click is the next best conversion. Crafting a new website or updating a present site is a great way to rethink and/or reorganized your businesses offers so they more closely mirror what's in your vision. It’s often the case – especially in our world of short attention spans - that if your website isn’t easy and fresh, people will leave it quickly.
    • As you review your site, think about: user experience, brand alignment, visuals, content, and design. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses let their website go by the wayside because the contacts or location hasn’t changed. Don't let that happen. Next thing you know, your business will "look" much older than it actually is.
  • Social Media: The ongoing storytelling of your company, beyond your website. It’s the never-ending version of your website, driving customers to you. It kinda sucks that social media is a must-do, but there are way too many millions of eyes on social media to discard it. It's a bit time consuming to get it right, but social media is very responsive whenever you are there - or not there.
    • Companies often feel like social media is the informal/off-the-record part of their business. But that’s a big mistake. Social Media has graduated to becoming a serious driver for new customers and sales. So, what are they seeing?
    • Are your profiles aligned across every channel? Be ONE company. Do not mess this up.

We'll take a look at other strategic pieces next time because we want your business to look active, engaged, and as unique as it is – here for long term growth!