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Two Peas in a Pod: Engaging Websites & Strong SEO

August 17, 2022

An online presence for your business is extremely important when it comes to proving credibility with your audience. Having a website is often your businesses’ first opportunity to interact with customers not only by “clicking” or “scrolling” within an appealing site, but by offering relevant content that “pulls in” the reader and lets them know who you are, and what you can deliver.

What’s the first thing you do when you hear about a company or product you might be interested in? Usually, you go to their website to see what they do. Long gone are the days that your first touchstone is a personal call or a visit. Most people research a business before going in-person to the location to ensure that the business has exactly what they are looking for.

When prospective customers view your company's website, they are experiencing your first impression. Does your first impression match the impression you want to make? Having clear, engaging messages throughout the site helps your audience establish a feeling of trust and an understanding about a company’s culture and commitments. If innovation is your top quality, then be sure it portrays innovation; if creativity is your number one priority, be sure it expresses that sentiment. Like your first impression in person, personality matters!

There’s no guarantee, however, that a beautiful website will constantly drive traffic to your company’s physical store or that you will automatically sell products. You need to use your site, and your investment in the site, to be sure it’s working for you. Put some marketing behind it. Whether that means sending potential customers to your website over and over through paid social media campaigns, using the link regularly in your writing, or most importantly, creating a Google Business page. It all helps to drive traffic, and ultimately create sales.

One of the best ways to have your website deliver what your company needs (sales!) is to engage SEO, Search Engine Optimization, practices. So much of SEO happens behind the scenes, but when it works, it works! Plain and simple!

This practice is a key factor in digitally marketing your business. SEO’s main purpose is to make your presence known on all search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Employing SEO practices along with creating a dynamic website gives you a market advantage and allows you to target your site’s information in the right way by:

  • Using relevant keywords throughout your website
  • Updating your website frequently.
  • Continuously adding relevant content.

Maximizing the relevancy between your site and the popular search engines will surely increase the site's traffic. A great website and a great SEO strategy are two peas in a pod - their main goal is to be sure your company and products are at the top of their game whenever a user (potential customer) searches for what you are selling. Meaning, the more successful and enticing your business will be!