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Analytics 101

July 29, 2022

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Over the last several months, we have spent over 90% of our time seriously focused on what our clients need, which included a lot of business strategy planning, and expanding the ways they communicate to their customers beyond social media. That meant lots of brainstorming and decision-making, increased website management and written content, and preparing ongoing newsletters.

We also created this website for Rhode Island Small Businesses. A business listing on the site is free and gives businesses an opportunity to easily update their information every day if necessary, and offers them a legitimate digital footprint that they can share - a mini-website of sorts! We have over 1500 businesses signed on.

We also created a very cool new website for Visual Thrive. Check it out!! Give us feedback. We’d love to hear it (honestly, we would!).

While so many businesses may not be thriving since COVID wreaked havoc on just about everything, Visual Thrive, an advanced media and marketing agency, wants to help you.

There is nothing more exciting for us than watching our clients rockin’ it on all cylinders.

We have the analytics to prove our results. If you can't measure your investments, why invest? I learned from the best. I worked for a Chief Marketing Officer that was pretty obsessed with analytics, and it sunk in! There’s a lot to be said for “The Bottom Line.”

Each quarter we send our clients their social media & marketing analytics. The results we have just seen are actually astoundingly positive.

Let’s take a look…

Visual Thrive measures a number of social media conversions: impressions, reactions, followers, engagement, clicks to your website. Here’s what we see:

  • All of our clients had an increase in their followers, and one client had an increase of 40%! In this case, they gained nearly 100 new followers. This is unusual, it’s not the first time this has happened. That’s a lot of new potential customers, and an opportunity to communicate directly to them!
  • Social media impressions (the number of times your content was displayed to a user, either organically or paid) saw a significant average increase of up to 201%, meaning the posts showed up over 24K times in users’ feeds!
  • A critical factor we look at is driving traffic to your website. We measure this through Clicks, and if we manage your website, we can see what’s happening on your site through Google Analytics. The results are in, and our biggest success saw an increase of 176% clicks or nearly 600 clicks on their social media posts.
  • Speaking of Clicks… we saw increased traction on Instagram. You may know that on Instagram, you are not able to add website links on social media posts. A client’s website click from Instagram means someone saw a post they liked, they went to the client’s IG profile, and then they clicked over to their website! It’s a little extra effort that goes a long way!
  • And lastly, mobile, mobile, mobile!! That’s where an overwhelming amount of traffic is being driven from. So think about the phone when you're posting. It could also mean we’re spending way too much time on our phones!!
  • User engagement (the number of times users react to, comment on, or share your posts), saw an overall increase up to 326%. That means in our most successful case, there were over 3,000 engagements in one quarter! The importance of engagements is simple: every time someone interacts with posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, it triggers their the algorithms to push that post for more attention, and a wider network regardless of the date it was posted.

Anything in marketing takes consistency, and our approach for consistent every-other-day messaging based upon your strategic vision makes your brand better - pure and simple.

If the question remains: how do I successfully obtain these kinds of results on my business’s social media accounts? That’s where our expertise comes into play.

We run monthly classes for all businesses to join - every month if they want to - to review their tactics and walk away with an actionable to-do list. Together, we create strong, organic results for our clients success.

There is nothing more exciting for us than watching our clients rockin’ it on all cylinders.

During these uncertain and challenging times of COVID-19, your business may have completely changed, but one thing is for sure.

There’s an audience waiting for you, and you need to know where they are and how they can find you.