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Reviewing Your Company’s Social Media Brand

July 30, 2022

reviewing your company's social media is like juggling

Most entrepreneurs know in their bones that what they’re doing is meaningful. Every client we have worked with knows the “how” and “why” they began their business.

Pablo Picasso said the work of our life is to find our purpose – the thing we know in our hearts we do better than most – and share it. Around the globe, people finding and embracing their purpose and become entrepreneurs and develop a small business.

Small business defined by the US SBA, depending on your industry, is a business with a maximum of 250 employees, or even 1,500 . It could also be defined by a maximum of $750,000 to $38.5 million in average annual receipts. Doesn’t seem so “small,” right?

It almost immediately makes one think about how BIG their small business can grow!

Like every person, every business has a story. Believe me. They are fascinating stories wanting and waiting to be shared!

Besides having the stomach for rollercoasters, entrepreneurs have an onslaught of options when it comes to marketing, communicating, and selling their company’s goods or services. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to social media marketing:

  • Website: It’s literally the front door of your business. Besides a purchase on social media, your website is the next best conversion. Websites are usually scanned for specific information. It’s often the case – especially in our world of short attention spans - that if your website isn’t easy and fresh, people will leave it quickly.
    • Look at your site from a variety of angles: user experience, brand alignment on: visuals, content, and design. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by the number of businesses that let their website go by the wayside because the contacts or location hasn’t changed.
  • Vision: It’s important to understand the answers to how and why a company began. It’s such an honor to hear these stories; and the back story to every small business is always remarkable. This idea of purpose comes front and center when discussing how a business began and why it launched in the first place. Sometimes our purpose guides us directly to where we are.
  • Social Media: The ongoing storytelling of your company. It’s the never-ending version of your website, driving customers to you.
    • Companies often feel like social media is the informal/off-the-record part of their business. But that’s a big mistake. Social Media has graduated to becoming a serious driver for new customers and sales. So, what are they seeing?
    • Social media profiles, logos and contacts should all be the same. It shows that you are ONE company, focused on selling ONE great thing. It could be a product, a service, or an idea.
    • In our monthly classes, we’ll go over how we want to tell this company story – and it’ll start with the visuals we think will tell it best. You’ll begin to SEE your story unfold through unique photos of you, your people, and your products.
    • Then we’ll talk about unique, consistent content, so your business looks like an active, engaged, unique business – here for long term growth!

Like every person, every business has a story. Believe me. There are fascinating stories wanting and waiting to be shared, like yours.