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Why Use Hashtags in Social Media to Promote Your Business?

August 09, 2022

Using hashtags is an essential tool for social engagement on social media. Hashtags are strategically incorporated in all our posts to navigate user traffic towards your company’s content. Hashtags allow people to take action and explore your brand.

Number of Social Media Posts for Hashtags:

Sometimes Less is More

We do not use hashtags with over one million social media posts. At first, this may sound counter-intuitive, and you may be thinking, “Why wouldn’t I want all of that potential publicity?” However, it is important to make the distinction that millions of posts attached to the tag does not mean millions of people will see yours. Think of how many people use an overly broad and popular hashtag like #cute. Adding your company’s photos to a sea of pictures that are continuously being added to yields an extremely low probability of your photo holding the spotlight for long if someone searches #cute.

How to Cast a Wide Net the Right Way

Instead, hashtags with only a couple thousand posts are ideal if you are trying to cast a wider net. This will give your post a chance to get that boost you are looking for by making your post more searchable without getting lost among too many other posts.

Using Targeted Hashtags:

Creating a Niche for Your Brand to Stand Out

Each social media account that we manage uses hashtags specific to their business and their business only. This could be a motto, slogan, or merely the name of the company so that if someone searches this specific tag, the user can find what they are looking for easily. You don’t want to lose potential followers because they don’t know how to find you!

Casting A Small Net

It also allows for a connection between the business and the consumer. Having your own tag extends an invitation for customers to interact with the tag and your business. For instance, encouraging followers to post their photos with that tag creates a direct link from their followers to your account. This is important to strive for not only for the additional traffic but also because customer reviews are often the most compelling!

Use Both Strategies Together for Best Results!

Mixing popular hashtags that appeal to a broader audience with strategically targeted tags that allow customer engagement will ensure your content is getting the best of both strategies.

Hashtags can be a great way to attract your ideal clients, connect you to other creatives, and brand your business. Use them strategically and do your research to see your business thrive!

At Visual Thrive we…

do our absolute best to evaluate your hashtags, and those of your competitors. We move each approved post through an internal optimization phase that gives you the upper hand when it comes to hashtag exposure, timing, duplication, geotagging, and of course, a final spell check!