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Smudge Spray is a great addition to add to your self care rituals and smells amazing! Each bottle is cleansed and charged with moon water.

Ingredients: purified water/ charged moon water, lavender essential oil, sage essential oil, dried lavender, and clear quartz for clarity

To use: Shake well before use. Spray generously to cleanse your body, an object, or space. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.

* Moon water is purified water charged under a full moon.

Benefits of Smudge Spray:

-Banish negativity

-Better quality of sleep

-Boost your mood


What to cleanse:


-Your home/office

-Your crystals

How to use :

- Spray your aura with intention to rest and cleanse

- Spray your spaces; room, linen, bathroom, car etc. to cleanse the air

Height: 6.00 in. Depth: 3.00 in. Length: 9.00 in. Weight: 0.50 lb.

Categories: Personal Care, Bath & Body, Fashion & Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories, Home & Living, Home Goods

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