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AWP offers quality cutting boards, drawer inserts, radiator covers and mantles. All made locally with quality hardwoods.

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Business Overview

Hello, My name is Rick and AWP came about one night when I was sitting around my fire pit burning the scrap material from my cabinet shop, RCC. I was trying to come up with a new business idea, while I was burning maple, cherry and walnut strips of hardwood. Literally burning money. It suddenly struck me, stop wasting the wood and make something with it. That is how we started making cutting boards, serving platters, coasters etc. Really excited about where this will take us. Thank you for your interest and purchasing our products. God Bless America!

Meet Your Seller

Hello Rhode Island, My name is Rick Cunningham and I have lived in R.I. my whole life. After graduating High school in... lets say a while ago, I went to New England Tech to learn the building trade. I have been self employed in the building trade since.

The idea of the boards came about as a means of keeping the shop busy when it got slow, however I have come to see it as much more. I am excited about the possibilities it contains and the new designs that are on the way. Every now and then it is good to shake things up. RCC will continue and now we have a new venture to pursue. Thank you.