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Botanical formulations supporting radiance physically and spiritually. Herbalist crafted + created. Plant Science meets Plant Magick ✨🌿🔮

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Botanically Formulated Skin & Hair Care

Created in Providence, Rhode Island.

Seed to Serum
It is said that the seed of a plant contains the answers to the mysteries of the Universe. That they are the Ether element in five element theory. A complete translation of the language and reflection of a cosmic life cycle.
I began growing the Medicinal Herb Gardens at the farm from seed in the greenhouse. As the baby plants matured they were then brought into the gardens to thrive. Every year, I add new plant friends to the gardens which allow me the great pleasure to develop a beautiful relationship with them , learn their language more fluently. Some of the plants are left for the surrounding eco-system to thrive, some are harvested to distill our own hydrosols, blend tea and tisane blends, or infuse oils. We then use them in the products we make, especially in our small batch and Seasonal offerings. The seeds are also saved to ensure a sustainable practice.

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The founder + formulator of Botanic providence, Jo-Anna, has long had a passion for the power of plants; amazed by their beauty and the abilities they possess. She has formally studied Botany and Herbalism since 2005, however she would tell you the plants themselves have been her most intimate teachers giving her insight into translating their language, mythology and lore.

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