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Whether you are looking to set new goals, or maintain your current goals, Infinity has something for you!

We offer personal training, group training, small group classes, training for athletes, fitness & weight loss challenges, and more. Holistic Nutrition Coaching is also coming soon! All of this in a friendly, relaxed, fun, non-judgemental atmosphere. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

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Jen Mello of Infinity Fitness & Wellness

One of the biggest things that I thrive on is family and togetherness. That is how I run Infinity. You may come in as a stranger at first, but once people come in they make friendships that last a lifetime. We all support each other in and out of the gym. So if you’re that person that has a hard time entering a gym setting for one reason or another, I can promise you once you enter our gym you will feel like you’ve been there for a lifetime.

I started my journey into fitness back in the 90s when I decided to open up an in-home Personal Training business. During this time, I worked helping people achieve their goals. Anything from rehabilitating an injury to bodybuilding. I've worked with athletes, the elderly population, and everyone in between. I currently hold a degree in Physical Therapy, Physical Education, Adaptive Ed, and Health Ed.

One of my biggest passions was being active as a kid playing softball, basketball, and soccer. I continued that as an adult and coached for numerous high schools such as Fatima High School in Warren, Lincoln Girls In Providence, and most recently Saint Andrews in Barrington.

With 25+ years in this field, I’ve had many accomplishments such as helping people lose weight, getting people off of medications, repairing injuries, and working with kids to excel at the highest level of athletics.

During the course of my career, I have been nominated for the WNBA sportsmanship award as a coach. I was also named Coach of the year three different times. I have led kids to championships, and love seeing their excitement and pride. Most of all, I just love helping people feel better about themselves.

When I’m not helping people, I enjoy watching my favorite movies like Rocky, any horror movie, or motivational movie that pertains to sports. I love time with my Golden Retriever Bailey, working out, doing OCR races, meditating, and I also enjoy writing poetry from time to time.

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