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Zee's fine art is sold and represented by Fresh Interiors.

Acclaimed American Armenian artist and designer, Shahen Zarookian ties together the styles of modernist Europe with abstract expressionism. His art collection consists mainly of paintings of nature, lifestyles, music, and the geography of the human body. He works in oil, acrylic, and mix media formats.

Shahen takes a Euro-centric approach to styles largely rooted in the American experience. His painted works, “Abstract Expressionism” as he calls them—are born of this intercontinental sensibility and reflective of his traveling and life experiences.

Customized Services Available:

Virtual Home Placement Design (Complimentary)

Client to provide photos of hanging wall area along with measurements of the live background wall area where art is to be placed.

Zee to compose and e-mail suggested virtual home Placement Design for selected painting.

Commissioned Composition Paintings

The client provides a written request for the subject matter of a painting that they want to create and purchase. Style, Size, and Colors with all reference photos of the items to be depicted would be submitted to Zee Art Studio. Zee would forward rough sketches for client feedback and then proceed to finish painting as directed by the client.

A Los Angeles client wanted a painting for her living room that complemented her room’s art deco furniture and accessories.

Meet Your Seller

Photo of Shahen Zarookian
Shahen Zarookian of Zee Art Studio

Zee, as he is often called, has had many successful solo and group exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

“The lands, the people, and the art from the different cultures that I have experienced have all enriched my art. I draw my inspiration from them and they continually inspire me to draw and paint.

Working from his Belmont studio, Shahen sharpened his signature style, assimilating his European background into the American “iconic” landscape.

Working with bright and dramatic palettes he infuses his work with a rhythmic arrangement of strong lines and lush textures.

“The art that flows in my canvas is an expression of what is in my mind, my heart and my soul.”

Zee's fine art is sold and represented by Fresh Interiors

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