RI Business Forum

Strategizing Our Way Forward

August 19, 2022

How are you making decisions these days? Does COVID still an overwhelming force driving your business strategy? The pandemic united us all, pulling to the forefront our collective status as human beings. With so many changes to the concept of what "work" is and what it looks like, has COVID made a lasting impact how you approach your workdays or thinking about what the "new normal" will entail? Well, here’s some food for thought…

If you haven't yet, take this time to shift into flow and loosen your resistance. Anger or frustration inevitably comes up when we continue to resist changes that are not within our control.

Why? Because acclimating is the only way to strategically approach the variety of new themes as they continue to unfold. We can’t look backwards to the way we operated or wait to get back there again. It’s a different time. What we take forward, the new ways we’ve learned to accommodate, must inform your decisions about the future. The "gift" in all of this is the opportunity to refresh.

What new skills did you and your team members have to embrace with the systems surrounding your business? Many of us have needed a few new systems or approaches to remain operable or exercise some skills you’ve had but never exercised. I’ll bet they include acquiring and/or learning digital programs, apps, or video. Am I right? Maybe you haven’t needed those skills or systems before. But now you do.

All change can be hard - good or bad. Use the ingenuity and skill-building you've gained to be your compass and foundation. I guarantee the wisdom you've developed through diversity will navigate your way forward. When you shift, you will then shift with the world.