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  • Upgraded, fully customized, media-enhanced Business Profile Page
  • Responsive display ads will appear throughout the marketplace
  • Your ad will appear on the Business Sponsors Page
  • Become a guest on ShopLocal RI Podcast
  • Featured in ongoing ShopLocalRI Social media
  • Ad will appear as Sponsor of a Shop Local RI newsletter
  • Business will called out as a sponsor of a podcast
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Create a Curated Collection

Creating a Curated Collection of Vendors or Products places you front & center on the home page! You’ll pull a customer's attention to your city, town, organization or company.

Collections are perfect for:

  • Cities or Towns that want to highlight local businesses.
  • Organizations that want to highlight their member businesses or products that their members sell.

We will work closely with you to create and market a successful collection so that each business showcased has an engaging Profile Page for their business.

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Why support Shop Local RI?

The goal of Shop Local RI is to allow business owners to create more revenue by selling their products and services through an easily accessible e-commerce platform. We believe that successful small business owners are the engine that creates strong, educated, thriving communities.

  • 263 million American consumers shop online - 80% of our population!
  • 70% support local businesses by shopping online only, or a mix of online and in-store.
  • 80% of online buyers shop at least once a month.

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Sponsor benefits

  • Fully customized, enhanced Business Profile Page
  • Logo on the homepage of Shop Local RI
  • Responsive display ads throughout the marketplace

Sponsorships can be completely customized

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