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We Know, Your Business is Your Baby

August 02, 2022

Brick walls, open sign

I “get” it! We’re in our 50’s (well, some of us are ;-)) and we finally get it!

When your business was just starting out, it was so important to painstakingly challenge and assess every idea, tease out every constraint, act fast upon opportunities, and scrutinize every decision. Scott and I have done this, too.

This intensity also happens when a company is in the throes of major change, and we all know what role technology has brought about over the years.

We went from booking hotels online to booking homes or rooms directly with the click of mouse. It turned an industry upside down - much better for some, detrimental for others.

We see this in the loss of local bookstores, too, with a significant increase in online shopping and a significant decrease in personal customer service and quality. How often have you just wanted to speak to a person for help!

Monitoring Brand Identity
Your company, in any market, is always subject to major change so making confident decisions about what your company’s identity is, and how it might shift, is critical.

At Visual Thrive, we have focused on integrating what we think is the best all worlds. Our extensive professional experience allows us to remain in creative response to your company’s changes and requests, combined with innovative award-winning streamlined technology processes, and hands-on customer service. This is the foundation for all that we do.

Let’s be honest, when the company is the baby you created, nurtured, and grew; it is a serious labor of love. At Visual Thrive we “get” this, and partnering with our clients is an honor that we take very seriously. And because we know we’re in the same boat, we go above and beyond to make our clients happy.

Marketing Expertise, Applied To Your Vision
Every single Visual Thrive client is unique in the way they approach their strategic vision and priorities. Each company owner has learned a “way” of being and that “way” has worked for them. What that means for Visual Thrive is that we serve those priorities using all our media and marketing expertise. We advise, confidently and directly, and we move forward with what our clients want.

What we believe our clients want (and need) is to be free from worry about their media and marketing so they can run their businesses. They want to run their businesses, and we know that’s what they do best.

Customized Social Media Marketing Plans
But here’s the fine line. Our task is to always listen intently to what’s happening in the business, and to the best of our abilities read the things that are not yet on the page. Our job is to figure out what our clients need before they do. Here’s a snippet of that “above and beyond to make our clients happy” concept in action, based upon real clients in the real world. It may tap your own creativity:

  • Creating a unique photo & video schedule that allows us to get amazing Before & After shots.
  • Using a professional camera for environmental portraits (instead of our iPhone 11 standard) so our client can use photos for website and high-resolution marketing collateral.
  • Traveling to sites and events off schedule when cool stuff is happening to grab that momentum for their social media.
  • Using video and boomerang photos to create interest and movement in Instagram Stories.
  • Playing with products and brainstorming in order to showcase them on social media in unusual and fun ways.
  • Teaching in-house employees how to take great photos and upload them for use in social media.
  • Taking road trips to get original visuals that work for a far-away client, but still align with their business.
  • Staying present and available every-damn-day for all our clients.

And lastly, giving out ideas, and not hoarding our expertise, so everyone grows with us!! And we'd love to watch your "baby" grow, together - with your vision and our 20+ years of digital marketing experience.