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Small-batch coffee roaster and café ☕ Committed to sustainable specialty coffee

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At Acoustic Java, we believe that great coffee, like great music, is a work of art. As such, it inspires and unites people around the world as artists and aficionados. In this way, great coffee helps us find our best selves. Our motto is: “As music tames the savage beast, coffee civilizes man unkind.” Connecting humble food and high art, we believe that great coffee elevates the human spirit.Most of the world's coffee is grown on three continents-South America, Africa and Asia-in what is sometimes called the "coffee belt." Socioeconomic conditions in the "coffee belt" have long been challenging due to underdeveloped infrastructure and widespread poverty. Global climate changes have further deteriorated these already fragile environments. Several outreach programs have been established to make coffee production more sustainable. We proudly support the following sustainability programs: The Rainforest Alliance- Works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Bird Friendly- Promotes the conservation of migatory birds and their habitat by encouraging the production of shade grown coffee Organic- Promotes the cultivation of coffee without the use of artificial chemicals Fair Trade- Promotes the empowerment of farmers and farm workers by investing in their farms and communities. Carbon Free- Dedicated to the fight against global warming by enabling anyone to reduce and/or offset their climate impact.
  • Providence, RI
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