ArtMiners jewelry is designed & manufactured in Rhode Island’s Jewelry District

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ArtMiners jewelry is designed and manufactured in Rhode Island’s Jewelry District. The philosophy behind ArtMiners is that whatever you are searching for in life will meet you halfway. Our name ArtMiners is meaningful to us because it represents that we are thoughtfully living life in the most creative way to unearth our highest self. Our jewelry is gender fluid with emphasis exceptional design. We design with a balance of masculine and feminine energies that are streamline and timeless. ArtMiners jewelry looks beautiful from all angles with thoughtful details throughout each piece. Each design starts on paper then is hand forged to perfection. We work relentlessly to find the perfect fit and infinite beauty in everything we create. We honor the meticulous care that goes into production every step of the way. We do small orders because we are always evolving and each run takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 90 day warranty for any plating or structural issues (please note this warranty does not include dents or scratches). We are a growing company ready to adapt to the changing world around us. We carry a message of positivity, love and hope and each piece was curated with that energy. ArtMiners believes in hiring locally and sourcing sustainably. We believe that being generous with our resources will fuel our growth and we strive to grow together with the community that surrounds us. Thank you for taking time to read this and for your interest in our company.
  • Newport, RI
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