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Business Overview

How It Started

What once started as a Little Professor franchise in the coastal town of Barrington, Rhode Island back in 1986, has now evolved into an award-winning, regional shopping destination and beloved community hub.

Shortly after the current owners purchased their neighborhood bookstore in July of 2008, they quickly realized the stand-alone bookstore model wasn’t sustainable. While still offering an impressive library of titles, light gift items, stationery and toys were introduced to the product mix, items that complimented the book category yet filled a need for today’s busy families.

Who We Are

Our customer base is truly a cross-generational demographic in search of an authentic shopping experience, unique quality merchandise, and the added value only an independently owned and operated store can provide.

Today, Barrington Books, voted Best Independent Bookstore Statewide by Rhode Island Monthly’s Reader’s Poll time and again, is known far and wide for its knowledgeable book-loving staff, vast selection of high-quality books, toys and gifts, as well as its vibrant community events.

Our History​

Our store offers complimentary gift-wrapping year-round and “live music while you shop” during the bustling holiday seasons. Barrington Books provides an authentic shopping experience unique not only in Rhode Island, but in the Regional retail industry at large. ​

Our ​Future​

After a recent full-store renovation and revitalization of our long-standing brick and mortar location, and a commitment to social value within the community we serve, Barrington Books is enjoying a renaissance of sorts.

“Barrington Books has been an East Bay institution for over 35 years. It has become a community hub, a meeting place for families, friends and neighbors. We have been blessed by the support of our loyal customers through all of our iterations. They deserve our renewed partnership and commitment for future growth in the Barrington community. We are proud to unveil a new, welcoming and enhanced shopping experience for all to enjoy for years to come.” (Spring 2021)

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