Beau Tyler & the Sly Dog Co.

Style for good-hearted people and good-hearted pets! "Laugh. Love. Lick."

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Beau Tyler is style for good-hearted people (and good-hearted pets). Fun pet-themed items that aren’t just for dog and cat lovers. If you’re cool, cute, cheeky, or charming (or your pet is!), then Beau is for you! Casual and sophisticated at the same time, Beau Tyler has something for you or cute gifts for dog lovers with or without dogs (or cats!). We’re here to help spread the power of pet and personal connections. Share the fun with cool dog themed shirts, hats, or bags. Celebrate the joy of companionship with matching dog and owner items. Increase laughter with funny gifts for cat and dog lovers. We’re for animal admirers and people persons. Simple, everyday items that are sure to make you smile. Products with love, heart, charm…and sometimes a little sarcasm. So share the fun, make friends, pal around, be funny, pet something…and #LaughLoveLick
  • Newport, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022