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Our mission is to present the performing and visual arts!

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The mission of Blackstone River Theatre is to present the performing and visual arts, to offer arts education, and to preserve and support diverse traditions of music, dance, and visual arts with an emphasis on those groups that settled in the Blackstone River Valley. AS A CULTURAL ARTS CENTER, the musical heritage of the Blackstone River Valley, as well as world, roots music, and more have found a home at Blackstone River Theatre. In addition to weekly concert programming, BRT offers a Summer Solstice Festival, occasional children's shows and participatory dances, and special events. BRT also features an Art Gallery of rotating work that showcases local artists. AS AN ARTS EDUCATION CENTER, BRT offers the opportunity for members of the community to actively participate in the arts through Heritage Arts Studio classes and workshops. Believing that the arts help cultures connect, Blackstone River Theatre is dedicated to improving arts awareness and providing performance and learning opportunities for diverse participants. AS A COMMUNITY CENTER, BRT rents out its space for both public and private functions. Events that have taken place include arts, environmental and preservation workshops; public forums on education and youth leadership; ESL, Zumba, and women's self-defense classes; wine-tasting fundraisers for community groups and school PTOs; and birthday, wedding and anniversary celebrations. Blackstone River Theatre presents programming that links interpretation of Blackstone River Valley culture to the traditional/folk arts agenda of the theatre. Though many people associate the word culture with only the fine arts, an anthropological view reminds us that culture embodies every activity in which we as individuals, families, communities and countries engage. The traditional and folk arts, handed down from one generation to the next over time and place, are a most powerful vehicle for conveying the legacy of a community. Giving a space for this to happen is core to the mission of Blackstone River Theatre.
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