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Custom designed Bridal Accessories including hairpieces, veils and wraps

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Bridal Finery | Nancy Spirito · Custom heirloom accessories· On-location garment preparation· Master seamstress certified· As seen in @vogueweddings Bridal Finery specializes in providing accessories, styling and on-location steaming services for bridal & special occasion patrons and anyone searching for fun jewelry and gift items. I am a custom bridal designer based out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island who specializes in styling and dressing clients in just the right accessories to reflect their style and personality. A romantic, a bit of a perfectionist with an attraction towards refined sparkle and a soul passion for weddings; when I am not consulting, designing, steaming or stitching for clients, I enjoy charitable sewing and costuming for The Arctic Playhouse. I fancy spending time oceanside or at our little cabin in the Vermont woods, and exploring beyond my cozy world with my eccentric family and dynamic friends. Many moons ago, fresh out of college, I began my (first) career as an interior designer with an international company designing hotels and restaurants. I eventually took my talents to various classrooms including the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design to share my knowledge. While I thoroughly enjoyed interiors, my passion for bling, lace and tulle had me creating wedding dresses as a hobby. Through this I discovered an allure for the bridal industry. All of my time was dedicated to interiors, teaching, and wedding dresses. I had always dreamed of owning my own studio, and after a few years my dear husband Steven dared me to leave my career and follow my passion. Jokingly, I told him that if he bought me a stereo system to appease my love of music, I would do it. So, while most companies begin with a business plan, Bridal Finery started with an exquisitely designed studio, complete with a showroom, workroom and a brand spanking new stereo system -- all won on the dare! Fast forward 25-plus years, thousands of clients, industry awards, peer accolades and a whirlwind array of glittering crystals, beads, baubles and scrumptious fabrics. I still greet each client with a song in my heart (though the stereo system has been replaced with Spotify!)
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