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I specialize in individualized grooming care for your pets.

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I understand that some fur children need extra tender loving care during the sometimes scary experience of grooming. I am more then happy to work with you to come up with a plan to fit you and your pets needs. Your pets best interest always comes first!I started out as a bather in 2009 and realized I had a special love for the fur kids who needed more care. In 2010 I attended grooming school in order to receive my certification as a pet stylist. In 2011 I took over managing a grooming salon for a major corporation, where after two years I realized that I was no longer being given the time to care for those special needs pets who meant so much to me. In late 2013 I left corporate grooming to re-establish my passion for grooming at Harbor Animal Hospital. In April of 2015 I was given the opportunity to take over the grooming salon at Harbor as my own business, which is how Calypso's Pet Salon has come to be.
  • Bristol, RI
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