Chris Mongeau Photography

Travel and wedding photographer based out of Providence, RI.

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Business Overview

Hello! My name is Chris, I'm a documentary wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Rhode Island. I have been photographing weddings now for a little over a decade, and throughout that time, I've also worn many different hats as a photographer, from touring with bands across North America and Europe to shooting travel stories for global publications in some of the wildest places. In recent years, I have turned my focus towards solo travels in places closest to the poles, like Patagonia, Alaska, Norway, and Iceland. Aside from capturing intimate wedding moments, I am passionate about advocating for the preservation of wild places and aim to create work that contributes to broader conversations of environmental protection. One of my strengths as a wedding photographer is my versatility, which has come from years of hard work shooting under every condition imaginable.

I have had the honor of having work featured by magazines and platforms such as Travel + Leisure, CNN News, Design Aglow, Gobe Magazine, Field Mag, POSI+TIVE Magazine, The Adventure Handbook, The Stranded Sailors, Instagram, Rhode Island Monthly, The Providence Journal and more. Travel is my favorite subject, followed closely by coffee, and I'm always open to a good conversation about either!

I am available for weddings, engagements, portrait and select commissioned work worldwide. Feel free to reach out at with any inquiries.