Direct Doctors, Inc.

Rhode Island's first direct family medicine practice.

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Business Overview

Membership based primary care at affordable rates - unlimited access, convenient scheduling, and text your doctor directly! Come find out the Direct Doctors difference!! We want to bring back the good old days when the doctor visited your house when you were sick, knew every member of your family, took time to listen to your stories and concerns, and treated you with compassion and care. This is our goal. To accomplish this, we provide a wide range of personalized services. Our plans offer home visits and all of our plans offer social visits and care coordination during or after a hospital stay.By keeping our practice small, you will always be able to see your doctor or one of your doctor's partners. We do not use an answering service of outside doctors who don't have access to your record and don't know who you are. By getting you in the same day if you need it, you can avoid going unnecessarily to the urgent care, minute clinics, and the emergency room and seeing a provider who doesn't know you. We can help guide you to appropriate specialists when needed but will make every effort to manage your complaints in our primary care office setting.You will be able to see your primary care doctor when you want. You can contact your doctor by cell phone, email, or text messaging. Instead of the usual 7-10 minutes with the doctor, you will choose 30 or 60 minute visits that you can schedule yourself online the same day or whenever it fits your schedule. You can visit, call, or message with the doctor as many times in a year as you need. This means, if your health requires five visits in a week, you can do it!You will only ever be charged one low monthly flat rate fee and a specific price on additional services at-cost. There are no hidden fees or confusing bills. We don't make money by providing you additional services. This helps ensure you only get the procedures and care that you need and want - not what we can bill for as in the typical insurance fee-for-service model. If you have insurance, we will never bill your insurance for our included services. And, for services we don't provide, we will help you to find low cost options and preferred specialists who either take your insurance or bill you a transparent fee.