Edgeworth Jewelry

Edgeworth Jewelry is a one-woman show creating fully handmade, one-of-a-kind, modern heirloom jewelry inspired by a variety of craft traditions

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Since 2011, Edgeworth’s founder Mackenzie Law has sought inspiration in the obscure and esoteric corners of American craftsmanship to find beautiful new ways to make your heirlooms. She pulled inspiration from the basketry techniques of Native weavers, and learned french ribbon making traditions to create bands and bracelets. She found a deep well of ideas in the Japanese art form of mokume gane, (the bonding, folding and twisting of different metals together to create patterns) to put forth her signature stripes. And she took a page from the parquetry handbook by tiling those stripes together to create even more complex geometric shapes. Her love of all things patterned drew her close to the complete works of Mother Nature. She loves nothing more than a Mother Nature original; quartz bespeckled with pyrite or agate blooming with dendrites, circa 400 million years ago.

  • Riverside, RI
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