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half full, llc wants to help your team move forward. In fact, nothing makes us feel more full! We know traditional methods of facilitation and team building don’t always get to the heart of the issues that companies and individuals face. So we do things a little differently. We start by truly listening to understand...and then we design. Whether we begin with a two-hour pop-up at your office or engage in a multi-year contract, let us help you (re)build your company culture by (re)building your team.

let half full help you move forward
Intentional experiences, each uniquely designed.

Experienced and thoughtful staff.

Creative and intentional activities and workshops.

Team Building events that leave lasting impressions.

Feedback and analytics to inform your decisions.

Motivated by many years of business know how, the half full story began 17 years ago when the original founders of the company were drawn together by a mutual desire to utilize simple, effective and optimistic approaches to help teams and individuals achieve their goals and improve company culture.

Through the half full experience, companies and individuals not only saw how easy it was to stay focused and achieve their strategic and team goals, but how to do so in a positive and thoughtful way. By "Facilitating the How," half full's goal remains to help orchestrate the path to success for any business, school, or non-profit looking to build their team and create and sustain and positive workplace culture.


To always have the means to give.


To help teams and individuals overcome obstacles in the way of moving forward.


It’s about we – we believe in collaboration as staff and in partnership with our clients. We always consider others in our decision making.

We do not judge or assume – we believe everyone is unique, and we respect that everyone has their own opinion, their own way of doing things and their own way of being.

We listen to understand – we believe active listening is one of the keys to a successful relationship. We listen with intent. We ask questions. We are active communicators.

We are grateful – we are grateful for each new day, the people we meet in our work and the opportunities we are given.

We give back – we are committed to corporate social responsibility, and our “do well, do good” business model drives our motivation for helping others in the community.

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