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Connecting through therapy and acupuncture. Guiding people to return to their organic state of wholeness.

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At HAWK & hummingbird Holistic Healing, experienced therapists work with the knowledge that the healing process begins within. Each individual’s body, mind, and spirit know what needs to happen to bring the whole of you into a state of connection with your most authentic self. At H&h, we have a team of specialists here to meet with you virtually as you navigate this difficult time.

In addition to our team of mental health therapists, our acupuncturist, Beth Randles, is offering virtual consultations to enable Rhode Islanders to access herb and whole food nutrition support while maintaining social distancing. This offering is not a stopgap for acupuncture, but a service that she loves to provide, having personally benefitted immensely from herbal and nutritional support. When high-quality herbs are used appropriately, they can provide lasting relief for a large range of concerns. Beth enjoys recommending herbs and supplements to support:

Endocrine function (fatigue, menstrual irregularity, menopausal support, trauma, thyroid or adrenal imbalance)

Emotional balance (anxiety, depression, insomnia, frustration, stress management)

Digestion (bowel irregularity, bloating, gas, low or excessive appetite, GERD)

Pain relief (joint pain, muscle fatigue, recovery from injuries or surgery, migraines, headaches, menstrual cramping)

Skin health (rashes, acne, dry skin, hair loss)

Strong immunity


Truthfully, there are many conditions than can be supported by a good herbal and nutritional protocol. After your initial consultation, Beth will mail your herbs and supplements to you via USPS or UPS. The cost of the appointment is $50 plus the cost of herbs, supplements, and shipping. If this cost is prohibitive, please ask me about sliding scale options. For questions, concerns, and scheduling, please email beth@hawkhummingbird.com.

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