Hawt Chocolate

Artisanal chocolate bonbons and bars.

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Winners of Best of Rhode Island 2023 for best artisan bonbons.

Shipping nationwide.

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My name is Miguel Allis, I am originally from Mexico City, I have a degree in gastronomy and have always had a vehement interest in food. I believe food should be more than just good flavors; it should be an experience. Some of the most fond memories I have growing up (and in my adult life) are food related, whether it is over dinner back home with my family, cooking in the kitchen with mom or grandma, hosting a dinner party or a trip somewhere with my husband and friends. Food is always part of those memories, because food brings people together.

Hawt Chocolate originated out of the need to create these comforting experiences for people, while being able to express my creativity and doing the thing that I am most passionate about; food.

The word 'Hawt’ started as an acronym for Having A Wonderful Time. Although, nowadays people use it to describe something that is attractive (hot). Here at Hawt Chocolate, we strive for both, having a wonderful time, while offering amazing food to people, presenting a product that is not only enticing to the eye, but also rustically crafted with high quality ingredients and great flavors.

Our goal is to create a brand that is inclusive, representative and supportive of others, while offering astounding and delicious chocolate treats!

Sincerely, Miguel Allis.

Owner and founder.

  • Providence, RI
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