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At Hudson Street Deli Strangers become Neighbors and Neigbors become Friends!Tucked into the heart of the Armory District and West Side of Providence Hudson Street Deli is an old-but-new treasure. We are a locally owned and sandwich shop and corner market. We embrace the idea of community, sell locally-produced market goods, and take our sandwiches seriously.In 2009 Hudson Market became Hudson Street Deli. The grinders stayed and much of the market left.

HSD has received many recent awards.

In 2010 the West Broadway Neighborhood Association name us “Best New Business”, and RI Monthly named us “Best Deli”. The Providence Phoenix named us “Best Deli” of 2011. The large Italian grinder has also been featured on the cover of RI monthly and has been featured on the cable show “Chef 2 Go”.

Hudson Street deli is a clean comfortable place where strangers become neighbors while enjoying great, quickly prepared sandwiches.Grinders. People love them, and ours are big enough so that several people can love them at the same time. Whether you prefer to call it a sub, submarine, hoagie, hero or just plain sandwich, know that ours is huge and delicious and not only perfect for lunch but are great for tailgating, picnicking or taking them home to the family.


Hudson Street Grinders come in two sizes regular and extra-large. Our Hudson Street Deli Italian Grinder has a long standing reputation throughout the state and maybe someday throughout the world. We have led with the Italian grinder for the past 3 years. There are other famous grinders to choose from including a vegetarian grinder with deli-made olive salad on the grinder menu.

Signature Sandwiches.

HSD has 13 signature sandwiches that are made with Boar’s Head meats and our original deli made spreads. All of the sandwiches are delicious and have clever local names (well, that’s what the owner thinks anyway). These sandwiches are fresh and quickly prepared to order.

Build Your Own.

Don’t like what we have painstakingly created? That’s cool, we offer over 20 meats, 8 cheeses and 15 different veggies and spreads. Feel free to make your own signature combination.


Additionally we offer freshly prepared deli salads, garden salads and fruit salads. In the cold months we offer deli made soup.

At HSD sandwiches are not just for lunch. Our breakfast sandwiches are made with fresh cracked eggs and your choice of meat, cheese and bread. Enjoy our expertly brewed hot or iced coffee while you wait. Our organic, fair trade coffee is Luv Buz and is roasted by the locally owned co-op Equal Exchange. We also make smoothies, fruit cups and parfaits in house and have pastries made by Top Shelf bakery.

Since 1922 those in the community have relied on us as Joe’s Market, Hudson Market, Hudson Street Market, Hudson Street Delicatessen or Hudson Street Deli as their go to corner market. Today you can buy deli meat and cheeses by the pound at prices which would make your grocery store butcher blush. We realize that sometimes you just like to make a homemade sandwich in the comfort of your own kitchens so we also carry fresh baked bread from Calise’s bakery, dairy products from Little Rhody Farm Co-op and some noshes from Boar’s Head. All of our homemade salads are also available by the pound and are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next gathering. We are even willing to sell you some of our secret homemade sauces and spreads.

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