Hunky Dory

Neighborhood restaurant serving a locally-sourced & unmistakable southern menu in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere

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We’re here to make fun, approachable food and drink that celebrates the bounty of New England, with a unmistakeable southern influence. Growing up with a southern mama and Appalachian dad, Chef Sam naturally gravitates to the nostalgia of the dishes from his childhood. But it’s much more than that. For us, it’s honoring age-old traditions to preserve, process, and utilize, and at the core respecting each ingredient, its history, and its story. Some dishes are obviously southern, others not at all, but you’ll find that we apply all of the above to how we cook and serve. Along with good old southern hospitality, we invite you into our home each evening for a meal and a story.

  • Warren, RI
  • Member since Oct 2022