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Improve wellness through mind-body connection with holistic therapies.

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We help our clients go from healing to thriving with evidence-based holistic therapies. We utilize movement (kinesiology and exercise science), mindfulness meditation and Reiki energy therapy. We offer weekly virtual classes for $5 each, or unlimited for $20. ☮️ Integrative Stretching - Mindfulness-based therapeutic stretching, great for releasing tension and perfect for the person that struggles with quieting the mind. ☯️ Energy Flow - This is a new class that combines elements of mindful stretching, energy release and Reiki energy healing. Reiki + Meditation - Sent an intention for your practice, be guided through a visual meditation, receive healing and relaxing Reiki energy therapy. Functional Fitness - Mindful movement meets exercise in this class. We'll be practicing functional exercise movements -- safe for all levels. All of our services, including Reiki energy therapy sessions, are also offered privately (virtually). We also offer a program called High Vibration that is all-inclusive with weekly private sessions and unlimited class for less than $35 per week.
  • East Greenwich, RI
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