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I am someone who likes to get my hands dirty, wearing away fingernails as I hold metal objects which I sand, file, texture and enamel to make into a wearable art. Out of the chaos and loudness of metal banging on metal, torches hissing and tools whirling comes seemingly delicate, soft jewelry. Jewelry which seems simple, yet is rich in detail. Be it texture impressed by old hammers, power tools, a scribe in my hand or glass enamels added to give pops of color, or mixing metals to add a subtle detail. In the last year, I got my sketchbooks out and started drawing and experimenting with watercolor markers. I came to realize that I felt at ease, something I had lost in the production of jewelry making, and decided I needed to get my drawings reproduced in some way. My need to be involved in the entire process of making led me to exploring lino cuts. Using carving tools and ink brayers satisfies my need to get my hands dirty while making art. These images are finding their way to becoming stationery, one of a kind, hand embellished prints and hand-bound books.
  • Providence, RI
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