Jordan's Jungle

Jordans Jungle is your oasis for tropical, exotic, hard to find & regular plants

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It all started with one little Orchid that was given to me in 2013. My love (some call it an obsession) for flowering, rare, exotic plants, for both inside and outside of the home bloomed! Ever since I was given that one little plant, I have spent every chance I have researching, purchasing, propogating and, now, selling plants. I enjoy the challenge of new and exotic plants, and thoroughly love sharing them with everyone else. Years later, Jordan’s Jungle is now a 4500 square foot tropical get away in Pawtucket, with everything you need to fuel your own plant obsession. Tropical, rare, fruiting, hard to find plants, pottery, home décor and gifts. We even have a full line of plant based, hand made candles, home and spa products. Come visit the Jungle today!
  • Pawtucket, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022