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RI calligrapher & engraver specializing in weddings & events, home decor, custom gifts, live events and classes.

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KMB are my initials, and since it rhymed with calligraphy that's how my business name came to be! I started teaching myself calligraphy for my wedding and fell in love with it as both a hobby and a form of therapy. Three years later, I've turned it into a side business and love both creating and sharing it with others. I specialize in hand lettered items for weddings, showers and events, home decor, custom gifts, live events and Sip & Script classes.

Meet Your Seller

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a Rhode Island calligrapher & engraver! I've always been "the girl with nice handwriting" and growing up I took art classes instead of playing sports. My favorite part of running my calligraphy business is putting a smile on others' faces when they receive my creations. Outside of KMB Calligraphy, I work full-time as an accountant. I love drinking coffee, going for walks and trying the newest bars and restaurants in my city.

  • Providence, RI
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