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Professional DJ, Wedding Officiant, Weddings @ $499/up, Parties @ $299/up

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My services for all events include an optional no cost no obligation consultation (can also be a get to know me session after signing via email), 3 meetings (time permitting one at the venue), music planner, hosting, coordination with venue prior to the event, (For Weddings the Ceremony, cocktails), reception, music, entertainment, dance floor lights and optional uplights in red green blue or purple.

To give you some background on my quotes, I use what I call a door-to-door hourly rate and I do not make a menu of prices to add $X for a ceremony or to add $X for cocktail hour or to add $X for uplights or to add $X for additional equipment, my price is all inclusive to do anything and everything you need because your event is the only event I do that day.

So what I need from you to tailor your quote is an example of your timeline and answers to the questions below to see if any discounts apply. It doesn’t have to be exact times of day just lengths of time.

Event date:

Name of venue:

Location of venue:

How many hours you booked the venue:

Does that include cocktail hour:

Does that include the ceremony:

Do you have the ability to extend your time at the venue:

What do you and your other half do for work or career path in school:

How did you first meet:

Party and event $300.00 minimum. Weddings under $1499 Guaranteed!!!!!

We also have Officiant, Photography, Photobooth, Videography and Drone Videography!!! Email, Message or call me to set up a Free in-person no obligation consultation.

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