Mapleville Farm

Small Family Farm bakes yummy fresh Bread, Pastries and grows vegetables onsite.

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Nestled ine heart of the little village of Mapleville, in the Northwest corner of Rhode Island, we are a small family-owned and operated business. We are a very small farm by definition, but there are several different facets to our operation, including baked goods, preserves, fresh produce and eggs, livestock, ornamentals, handmade local products, and alternative and experimental intensive growing methods. FRESH Veggies We grow our own fresh veggies on our farmland and in our Aquaponics greenhouse using intense growing methods and natural fertilization without chemicals. Some call it organic. FRESH BAKED Goods We make delicious artisanal breads, pies, cookies pastries and candies from scratch made with quality local and seasonal ingredients, including the ones we grow here, as well as our own preserves and produce, and a variety of other local and handmade products. FARM To Table Dinners We also offer Farm to Table Dinners her on the farm, provide our venue for various events and catering services. FRESH Flowers & Greenery Another aspect of our farm is from our Bunny Cottage. Emma grows the flowers while Casey turns them into lovely flower arrangements in the summer. Our Fairy Forestland provides us with beautiful Fresh Grenery, Wood (including Pines along with Wood products made fresh from Birch, Maple and Oak. BLANKETS and Soaps We sell Rhode Blankets made from sheep's wool. We offer fresh Goat Soap from a small flock of Goats made right here at Mapleville Farm.
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