Tracey Boyajian - Independent Mary Kay Sales Director

Specializing in Skin Care, Cosmetics and Gift Giving.

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Business Overview

For 60 years, Mary Kay has been empowering women. We are Changing Lives Together. Then. Now. Always.™

What we started THEN, what we strive for NOW and where our dedication ALWAYS remains: We empower women to feel confident, to recognize their own unique beauty and to reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

We have recently been announced as officially the #1 Direct Selling Brand of Skin Care and Cosmetics IN THE WORLD! Good Housekeeping Seal Approved, our products are Top Sellers with proven results and ingredients you can feel good about.

Need gift ideas? Let's chat! GIFT Service (Get It From Tracey!) offers customized baskets for anyone and any occasion. Not only will your gift have Mary Kay products but also local items as well! Supporting Small Businesses is important to me - and I hope to you as well!

Meet Your Seller

I am a born and raised true blue Rhode Islander (Go Rhody Rams!) and love what this state offers - incredible scenery, delicious food, history, and of course the people who call this state home! I am passionate about healthy living and skin care as well as providing the perfect and unique gift encompassing bits of our tiny state for all occasions.

If you are looking to make a change in your skin care routine, whether for anti-aging or because you desire more natural products, then please reach out. I would be honored to help you! And if you would like to send a gift with some pretty special items inside specifically for your recipient, you can be sure it will be loved.

  • Warwick, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022