Mermaids Baubles

Handcrafted Sailors Valentines (1800's Nautical Art), Jewelry & Accessories

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Sailors Valentines have such a lovely history - dating back to the 1800's when Sailors would bring them home (often to New England, where Melonie is from!) as love tokens from the Sea. Hailing from the seaside town of Bristol, RI and growing up surrounded by the ocean, Melonie has been collecting seashells since she was old enough to toddle. Encountering vintage Sailors Valentines at the New Bedford Whaling Museum was an ephiney for Melonie and her love affair with the Sailors Valentine began! Since 2008, Melonie has been exploring Art form, and updating it with a modern twist: Sailors Valentine Jewelry. She has developed techniques that give her "Mermaids Baubles" a gorgeous gloss and durable strength. Realistic shellflowers & rare treasures from the Sea are often tucked into her exquisitely detailed designs, affording the wearer with a most excellent conversation piece. Custom orders are warmly welcomed and Melonie also teaches Workshops, both public and private, upon request.