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The Newport Restoration Foundation Store products celebrate the life and philanthropic legacy of our founder, Doris Duke.

Explore our store — which features unique, one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by collections, properties, and stories we steward.

About the Newport Restoration Foundation:

The Newport Restoration Foundation is a non-profit organization established by philanthropist Doris Duke in 1968 to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Newport. Over the course of six decades, NRF has restored more than 100 historic properties. Today, NRF preserves, restores, and maintains over 70 historic houses that are now lived in by tenant stewards. In addition to this portfolio of preservation properties, Rough Point Museum and Vernon House are open to the public as public sites of expansive storytelling, contemporary dialogue, and preservation trades skill-building. NRF promotes economic and community restoration through historic preservation initiatives like Keeping History Above Water, which addresses the impact of sea-level rise on cultural heritage in the wake of climate change, and the Historic Trades Initiative, which harnesses the knowledge of local specialists to train the next generation of preservation craftspeople.

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