Paradigm Biblical Counseling

Encouraging a pattern of life modeled by Jesus Christ. ​

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At Paradigm, our mission is to showcase Jesus as Hope through encouragement and promotion of the work of the Spirit in people's lives. This is accomplished by our commitment to the counselor’s unconditional positive regard toward the client, a listening and understanding posture, patience in the therapeutic process, and ultimately for the client's sanctification and greater conforming to the image of Jesus Christ. Paradigm’s mission is motivated by the power of the Gospel and God’s love and desire to redeem the broken, confused, hurt, and discouraged. Within the counseling process, Paradigm’s target is far more than the proverbial “paradigm shift” in thinking and behavior, but rather a radical gospel transformation that takes root in the heart of God’s people. Paradigm seeks to attend to the needs of local ministers, believers in Jesus, and those seeking something greater, something beyond them.
  • East Providence, RI
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