Psychopomp Candles

Upcycled handmade soy/coconut wax candles poured in vintage teacups, vintage mugs and other vintage glassware!

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Psychopomp Candles started with a longing to make our people feel good. With so much turmoil and pain in the world, we found our own little rebellion in inspiring the good, glimmery feelings in the people we love - the thing we like most about life.

In the same way that cupcakes evoke all of these emotions from sight, smell, and taste, was there something similar we could go after? We lit our thinking candles to do some brainstorming and then it hit us square in the nose. Candles do the same thing! By playing off of sight, smell, and feel, they evoke memories, improve mood, inspire emotion, provide comfort, and promote relaxation. They've even done studies on that!

So we gave it a shot. At first it was a test to see if we could even successfully make a candle. And then it was, "Hey, can you put a candle in this cool mug?" And then it became "Hey, please please please perfect the Balsam Fir candle. It's my favorite." And it evolved to, "Hey, I need three more candles, two for me and one for a gift for my grandma." And then it was ten candles taking up space, and then twenty and then we realized that we were having fun and that other people might like what we're doing. And then Psychopomp Candles was born.

Psy · cho · pomp /ˈsīkōˌpämp/ noun - the spiritual guide of a living person's soul.

We pour wax and our souls into the mugs you can't stop collecting.

  • Burrillville, RI
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