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Unexpected one of a kind & limited edition jewelry EST 2013

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RFORM is an experimental jewelry studio making precious things in unconventional ways. RFORM crafts pieces outside the scope of particular trends, capturing a timelessness and openness that are markers of great jewelry. Finding humor in raw materials and cultivating an obsession with functionality, RFORM produces everything in house in Providence, RI.

RFORM was founded in 2013 by daughter and mother collaborators Chloe Wessner and Robin Quigley. Robin Quigley has enjoyed a decades long career as an art jeweler and educator. Chloe Wessner studied sculpture and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, using tools and techniques of jewelry in her art practice. A turning point came when Chloe realized her passion for sculpture could be pursued through jewelry directly. In this way RFORM explores a sensibility that is equal parts jewelry and art, incorporating anthropomorphism, remixing, recycling and engineering.

  • Cranston, RI
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