I Sell My Organically Grown Microgreens with a wide variety, Handmade All Natural Goat Milk Soaps, and other small gifts

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Hi My name is Lindsay, Elle for short. I’m the proud owner of a small business called Rhody_Greens. I grow my microgreens with organic seeds and organic soil, I don’t use pesticides or chemicals in my growing. I grow indoors in an air & temp controlled setting. Microgreens are Your everyday vegetable seedlings that I harvest 14days after planting. This way they Keep 100% of their nutritional value. They are Great for the Immune System, Inflammation, and even fight off cancer cells. I started growing Microgreens in 2023. This was after being told many times by doctors that I couldn’t eat Leafy Greens or many types of vegetables due to having Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that effects your intestines. Well I absolutely Love Salads and Veggies so this was devastating news. So I started researching what else you can make a salad with, tried a few, and then decided to take a course on growing Microgreens. This was the moment it all started. I fell in love with every full nutrient and benefit they have and I haven’t looked back since. I now find myself to be more health conscious and I’m branching out into all natural soaps and other natural homemade & handmade products. I’m working on all natural laundry detergent at the moment 😊 My mind never sleeps so the ideas just keep pouring in….
It’s Nice to Meet you! And I hope to be not just a seller but a friend.

Best, Lindsay/Elle 💚Rhody_Greens

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Hi My name is Lindsay, Elle for short.
I started this business after finding All of the benefits Microgreens could have for someone like me with an Autoimmune disease. I have Crohn’s disease, I was diagnosed at the age of 33 (2013). It changed my life. I had to change the way I ate, the way I exercised, the way I went out. It was overwhelming at times, but I had to do it. I came across Microgreen a few years ago while researching other way to get nutrients and other alternatives to leafy greens. I now grow my own healthy microgreens which I can eat as much as I want. It’s Awesomely!
And besides my greens, I have started looking into and experimenting with other healthier alternatives to foods, household cleaners or health & beauty products. My mind runs in overload so the ideas just keep coming, and I keep producing new products. It’s a good way to keep me on my toes. I would love to have my own store one day in our quaint little city of East Providence, Rhode Island. That would be a Dream! Somewhere I could not only sells my items but other local Rhode Islanders products…. 🥰

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