RI Tick Defense

We are a local, family owned business, passionate about protecting families and pets from the rise of diseases spread by mosquito and tick bites.

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RI Tick Defense is a locally owned and operated company. We were born from a love of playing outside. After plucking ticks off of our child, dog and selves we knew we had to defend ourselves better. But, not just from ticks. Like anyone trying to enjoy their outside space, it’s never fun having to quickly stop what you’re doing and bring the activities indoors as those first mosquitos of the night go on the hunt. Each year it is more and more commonplace to hear from a friend who had to be treated for Lyme disease or for children’s baseball games to be cancelled for high mosquito counts and public announcements of aerial spraying. So, we joined the fight. We work, live and play in the East Bay and Providence area and are not part of a large corporation or franchise with a million dollar advertising budget. So, without the million dollar ad budget, we make it our top priority to make sure you are satisfied and your family is safer. If you’re not happy with your service, we will come out and do it again. If you are satisfied, we hope you can tell your friends and neighbors about what we do. The more of your neighbors who participate, the safer your neighborhood is. The more neighborhoods defending themselves, the safer the community as a whole will become.

  • Rumford, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022