We help manufacturers track sales through distribution to the end user customer.

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Do you need help tracking sales through distribution to the end user customer? We can help you with Sales Tracings, Chargebacks/Rebates, GPO Membership Management & Reporting, Sales Assignment & Commissions Reporting, Sales Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence, etc. Our web based Radius™ product is very easy to use and equally powerful as it allows reps and managers to see all activity down to the transaction level and measure performance by every major metric available (e.g., sales organization, customer, distributor, GPO, GPO Member, contract, brand, product group, product, etc.) in multiple dimensions. We also have partnerships with companies that can help you establish relationships with GPOs and IDNs to secure GPO Contracts. If you are interested, we can setup an introductory call and/or schedule a demo of our Radius™ product. Please call, email or message me for additional information. Thanks! Tom Loiselle / 401.333.8592 / #salesmanagers, #salesmanagement, #salestracings, #salestracing, #salestracings, #salestracking, #chargebacks, #rebates, #reporting, #salesreporting, #businessintelligence, #analytics, #salesassignment, #salescommissions, #commissions, #datamanagement, #databasemanagement, #data
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