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Mary Chatowsky Jameson is the artist/owner of Saltwater Studio, located in Newport, Rhode Island. Her Marine Botanicals are created using seaweed and organic materials sourced from North Atlantic coastal waters. Saltwater Studio debuted in Newport, Rhode Island in 2008 when I began to develop a market for the marine botanical work I was creating. Inspired by Victorian era pressings of seaweed, I was transformed by the beauty of marine algae, having never observed it so closely before. Back at the studio I study the shape, texture and color of individual species and start a process of symbiotic layering to create new forms. As these forms develop, the known and unknown intersect in a dynamic way to challenge thought patterns. For most people, seaweed is something to avoid and considered a nuisance. My work presents a new awareness for consideration and offers new insights into the mysteries and beauty of the marine world. Saltwater Studio is open by appointment or whenever you see the large loading dock door open, feel free to drop in!
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