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Healing and Success Sara’s Stones began when Dr. Hershoff made a half-dozen bracelets and gave them to six women, whose ages ranged from 16 to 64. “After two or three months, to my surprise, six out of the six women told me how wonderfully the bracelets had changed their lives,” said Dr. Hershoff. “The 16-year-old, she had huge problems in her life, she never thought she was pretty, even though she was a model, so we gave her jewelry,” said Dr. Hershoff. “After a month we interviewed her and she was feeling much better.” That experience was, in essence, the beginning of Sara Yo Spirit Jewels. Dr. Hershoff left her well-established 25-year medical career and started to provide her healing stones to customers via her online store,, out of her home in Tiverton. “It’s not really the jewelry, it’s the mineral the jewelry is made from,” explained Dr. Hershoff. “I tried to find out just how it worked…I was trained at Harvard University, so with my scientific background I had to do some research on the mineral, finding out what compounds made people feel better. “I couldn’t find what chemicals were in it,” she said, “but there was certainly something happening.” Now, Dr. Hershoff and her husband, Randy, are the owners of Sara Yo Healing Fashions. Dr. Hershoff exhibits a line of more than 400 designs, and each stone is unique. Dr. Hershoff also provides her customers with a complimentary “Five Element Healing Program,” based on Taoist philosophy that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. ABC TV Featured Story
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