Shaidzon Beer Company

Inspired globally. Brewed locally

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“The sun was in my eyes so I thought ‘I need my shades on’.” The name was initially chosen as a place holder with made-up spelling to get the business started, but it won us over and never changed. Co-owners, Chip and Josh wanted an original name, but couldn’t come up with anything. On the absolute date where Chip was driving to Providence and it was time to register the brewery officially, it came to him in a blinding - of sorts- vision. The placeholder name has since stuck and the sun in our eyes has driven us to have our Shaidzon. The connection between the two owners came long before. It started with fires on the beach around the turn of the century. The Shaidzon team first came together in the coastal village of Matunuck, RI through a mutual friend. Their paths went in separate directions for a number of years, but they stayed in contact and reconnected. A fortunate circumstance presented itself and with little hesitation, and a lot of work, the duo formed the Shaidzon Beer Company.
  • West Kingston, RI
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