Statesman Tavern

A classic American tavern focusing on high-quality ingredients, cocktails & beer

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Statesman pays homage to the classic American taverns that resided in towns such as Bristol over the past 250 years.

Government officials, politicians, as well as businessmen and women often used these taverns to make decisions that helped shape the history of America. We aim to keep that tradition alive and well by creating a tavern that provides warm hospitality, paired with wholesome food and drink and some modern influence.

Meet Your Seller

Helmed by chef + owner Chris Kleyla, the kitchen celebrates the bounty of some of the most talented growers, farmers, and fishermen in New England and beyond. Our ingredient-driven cuisine of heirloom vegetables and grains paired with responsibly raised meat, poultry and fresh caught fish highlight the ever changing cuisine we serve.

The bar at Statesman echoes the same attention to detail towards creating a carefully crafted drink. Fresh juices, homemade bitters and syrups, as well as infused spirits create truly unique cocktails that pair beautifully with our food.

Our style of hospitality is simple, if we can make you feel happier than when you came in, we have done our job. It's that simple, and it's that hard.

  • Bristol, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022