Studio1011 Inc.

Creative agency specializing in exhibits, events and virtual experiences.

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From its founding in 2001, Studio1011’s mission has been to create exhibit experiences that carry through into the digital world. We see today’s marketing transition as an Opportunity to further enhance the value of your digital marketing efforts while providing your customers the same level of access to exclusive content and engagement. EXPERIENTIAL INNOVATION Studio1011 developed a unique series of creative visualization tools to streamline and enhance collaboration between Creative, Technical and Client. The realistic conceptual simulations accurately depict all aspects and media from a multi-faceted development platform. KNOW-HOW Across a variety of industries and markets, Studio1011 has established and cross-pollinated design and technological practices that are consistently ahead of the trend. PERSPECTIVE Studio1011's philosophy is that design solutions begin and end with the fundamentals of branding and messaging. Expertise in interactive development, multimedia and web design contributes to a broader perspective. TECHNOLOGY Integrating new and evolving digital technologies as a seamless extension to the creative process.
  • Providence, RI
  • Member since Jul 2022