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Whether you’re starting out with a brand new puppy or struggling with tough behavior problems it can feel overwhelming! With over a decade of experience I can help with personalized solutions that fit you and your dog.

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Growing up with Labradors and Chesapeakes, Connor has been a dog nerd since childhood. From working at dog daycares, later running a daycare and boarding business, training group classes, individual coaching, partnering with a local breeder, to fostering they’ve worked with all types of breeds - neonates to seniors - professionally since 2011.
Connor found a strong interest in socialization and canine communication after rescuing multiple dogs with behavioral disorders.
Their love of teaching people of all ages comes from their time working as a K-12 substitute teacher as well as walking international visitors through the history of the Aleutian Chain while running the Unalaska Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
Their current teammate is an Icelandic Sheepdog named Nausicaä. When they aren’t coaching clients, hiking with Scouts, or raising puppies, Connor enjoys reading research papers and articles on animals and neuroscience, learning dog sports with Nausicaä, and relaxing with a good audiobook.

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