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We are an OVER 100 year old, same family owned, 4th generation Paint & Hardware, Home Improvement and Home Brewing shop in Pawtucket, RI. In 1909, Anna and Emile Tessier decided to sell their house and move to America. Anna came ahead and opened, a haberdashery (hat store) or Anna Tessier’s Fabric and Notions, which became Anna Tessier’s Dry Goods store. Emile stayed behind with their children until 1914. Anna's business was successful, and eventually she and her husband opened a second store in 1917, Tessier's General Store on Central Avenue in Pawtucket , R.I. Around 1925, this store was given to their oldest son Edouard, to run. Times were hard then, and Edouard would get up very early to get bicycle parts, sell chickens, eggs, popcorn etc. He made arrangements with distributors of merchandise and guaranteed payment, this led him to earn an A-l credit rating Dunn and Brad Street. His store was known to sell "everything from a pin to a plow". This tradition of family wholesome business is still run today, open Mon - Sat and strictly closed on the family day of Sunday. Tessier's also offers daily fresh popcorn and coffee (discontinued this year due to COVID, but will return when possible). For almost 50 years, Anna and Emile's grandson, Bud Tessier still comes in every day and operates the business with his son Ed. Fourth generation Ed Tessier, has a small farm house and cuts and splits his own firewood and keeps chickens like his great grandparents and grandparents. In 2017, Tessier's added in a home brewing department and it is now renowned in Rhode Island and some of Massachusetts in the brewing community and is a prosperous department for the business. Bud and Ed Tessier look forward to meeting you on your next visit.
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